Joe! Where did you get your Copernicus t-shirt from your bloopers video? :)


This awesome shirt from my bloopers vid

is a design made by artist Kapil Bhagat as part of his great scientists series, which is AWESOME:


You can visit Kapil’s store here.

Thank you again Joe jtotheizzoe​ for wearing the tee and Shan @treeswithcwms for asking question; I got chance to reappear on Joe’s tumblr. All the success this Scientist post has got; just because it reached to right blog :)  

*I wish I would have knew English better to write this better way.

Na Koi Hindu Na Koi Musalmaan- There Is No Hindu, There Is No Muslim. - Guru Nanak. 

22 sep, Guru Nanak death anniversary.